We sell everything type of computer you could need. Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more! We offer new custom systems at competitive prices, and built to last; so you don't have to replace your system until you want to!


The Computer Hospital repairs all types of systems, including laptops.

Computer Hospital Missouri Service Technicians

Computer Hospital offers same day service, with a total combined 50 years of professional experience. With Computer Hospital's service, you won't have to worry about your data being erased without your approval, or your applications uninstalled. We take pride in actually fixing systems, and making your system exactly how it was before it started having problems. Other companies will simply reinstall your operating system, and remove your data without any warning or reminder to backup your files.


When you bring your system in to the Computer Hospital, you only authorize the first hour of service. If we can diagnose and fix your computer in that time, that's all you owe. If you need parts, or services exceeding the first hour, a techinician will call with a complete estimate, and get your approval before proceeding. With 50 years of total combined experience, our technicians have seen, and resolved every imaginable computer issue. 

Service Time

Computer Hospital has been servicing the Springfield area since 2000.


Want service, but not have to wait? Computer Hospital offers same day service to all its customers, all week long!

Experienced Technicians

Why have your computer fixed by someone that isn't certified? We offer great service, with certified professionals with a total of 50 years worth of experience!