We sell everything type of computer you could need. Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more! We offer new custom systems at competitive prices, and built to last; so you don't have to replace your system until you want to!


Reliability is not common in the computer world, until now! Computer Hospital offers many different computer systems built solely on being, "reliable". Why pay the same price for another system somewhere else, that is built to be smaller, and cheaper?

Computer Hospital hold a large selection of PCs for everyone's needs. Unlike other retail outfits, Computer Hospital sells both new and used PCs from different major manufacturers, and different types; to match the perfect system with your needs and budget.


Are you needing a system to take on the go, one to do your work on anywhere you are? Computer Hospital offers a wide selection of laptops, notebooks, and laptop accessories.


Custom Systems starting at $499

Computer Hospital offers a range of new hand built desktop systems. Each one is made by Computer Hospital ensuring a great system by using reliable parts, and tailored to your needs. Unlike many new retail systems you can expect excellence from these.

Used Systems starting at $199

If you are needing a new desktop system for your home, or home office, but don't want to pay too much; come see our selection of used systems. All used system have been made to last, and fitted with reliable parts, unlike others offer.

Custom Systems

Still having trouble finding the system right for you? Computer Hospital offers custom system building, allowing you to build the system perfect for your needs! Each system is tailor made to your specifications, making sure it does exactly what you need.


Want service, but not have to wait? Computer Hospital offers same day service to all its customers, all week long!

Experienced Technicians

Why have your computer fixed by someone that isn't certified? We offer great service, with certified professionals with a total of 50 years worth of experience!