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Offering all types of computer parts is what we do best. We provide parts that no other store offers in the area. We offer unique parts like 4-pin power to SATA power adapters, USB network adapters, HDMI cables, VGA to DVI adapters, 9-pin serial crossover cables, laptop cooling fans, case LEDs, and more!



We sell everything type of computer you could need. Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more! We offer new custom systems at competitive prices, and built to last; so you don't have to replace your system until you want to!

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Our Inventory

At the Computer Hospital, we carry every type of part, from motherboards to unique cables, and accessories. We sell an array of new parts, including video cards, hard drives, DVD burners, memory, power supplies, network adaptors of all kinds, and even external hard drive enclosures. Even if you don't want to invest the money in a brand new peripheral, we have used parts to suit your needs as well. Don't forget to take advantage of our used computer section as well, where we have systems as low as $149. We also have monitors of all types new and used.

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Want to get rid of your computer, but get the right price? The Computer Hospital pays CASH for your old computer. Just bring in your  system, any software that came with it, and get CASH FAST.


Want service, but not have to wait? Computer Hospital offers same day service to all its customers, all week long!

Experienced Technicians

Why have your computer fixed by someone that isn't certified? We offer great service, with certified professionals with a total of 50 years worth of experience!